At the Venue

PyCon Italia 2024 will take place at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo from May 22nd to May 25th, 2024. You can find multiple ways to reach the conference on our How to find us page.

Photo of the conference entrance, with the registration desk and some people working with their laptops

The entrance of the conference, full of people

What to expect

The Garden

We will provide a green space for relaxation. It's a perfect place to decompress, connect with nature ­čî▒, and recharge amidst the hustle and bustle of the conference!

People enjoying a discussion in our garden

Food truck

This year, we're expanding our lunch options! Avoid the restaurant line and grab your meal from the food truck near the registration desk. You can then enjoy your lunch in our garden or anywhere you like, either with your colleagues or alone!

Naturally, there will be meat, vegetarian, and vegan options available!

Your conference ticket includes access to the food truck, so no additional payment is required. To eat at the food truck, you need to get a token from the registration desk. Tokens are limited, so decide early to ensure you get one!

Quiet room

We will provide a room where you can relax and, if necessary, accomplish some work.

Child care

This year, we're providing childcare services!

If you require these services, kindly fill out this form as soon as possible.

Water stations

Don't forget to bring your water bottle with you! We will have multiple water stations around the venue where you can refill your bottle!