Call for Proposals

You have until 14th January 2024 AoE to submit your talk to PyCon Italia 2024!


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In the last years, Python has become more and more popular, resulting as one of the most widely used programming languages. In facts, Python is now considered as the language of choice for many application domains, such as DevOps, Web Programming, and Data Science.

For this reason, in 2015 PyCon Italia changed its structure, becoming a (bigger) multi-thematic event, gathering together the most important sub-communities within the Python universe.

PyCon Sei for the first time provided a set of dedicated tracks and talks to different subcommunities and now PyCon Italia will carry on this essential work of think-sharing and work-partnership while it will still welcome proposals on every aspect of Python programming.

Presenting at PyCon Italia

Many are the reasons why you should submit your proposal to PyCon Italia.

You could talk about new topics of Python programming or the last features of well-known tools. Besides, you could tell us real-world Python use cases, as well as presenting your own industrial or research Python-powered project.

As long as the presentation is interesting and potentially useful to the Python community, it will be considered for inclusion in the program.

Therefore, every reason is a good reason to submit your proposal at PyCon Italia.

As a token of thanks, all the speakers presenting at PyCon Italia will benefit of a free conference fee.

PyCon Italia is willing to be a community-powered conference, and we are really looking forward to hearing from your experience!

PyCon Italia Accepted Proposals

PyCon Italia will accept two different kinds of contributions:

  • Regular Talks: these are standard “talk with slides” lasting 30 minutes. At the end, there will be an optional Q&A session (at least 5 minutes), and the time to change the speaker.
  • Hands-on Workshops: These are advanced training sessions for a smaller audience (10-20 people), to dive into the subject with all details. These sessions are 2-hours long, and the audience will be strongly encouraged to bring a laptop to experiment. They should be prepared with fewer slides and more source code.

Please note that each submitted proposal must include:

  • an indication of the level of expected audience, choosing from novice, advanced, and expert;
  • tags to indicate what’s the main argument of the proposal

Note: Please do not submit the same talk multiple times. This would only have the effect to generate noise, confusion, and would inevitably pollute the community talk voting process. Thank you!

Italian and English

During the CFP you will be able to submit your proposal in one or two languages. Voters will see the proposal in the language of their preference.

Do not submit the same proposal twice in different languages, it will be canceled.

Diversity & Code of Conduct

Python Italia strongly believes in building a truly diverse community, and fully supports the official Python diversity statement. To avoid negative experiences, all participants will be asked to agree to a code of conduct that explicitly bans verbal and physical harassment at the conference, including talks.

Speakers are thus required to avoid any kind of sexual, racist, or religious language and imagery in the talks, to avoid offending groups that might be under-represented at the conference.

Consider that PyCon Italia is a conference with an audience from a broad geographical area which spans countries and regions with vastly different cultures. What might be considered a “funny, inoffensive joke” in a region might be really offensive (if not even unlawful) in another. If you want to add humour, references and images to your talk, avoid any choice that might be offensive to a group which is different from yours.

Community-based talk voting

As usual, the talk voting process is fully public. Every participant gains the right to vote for talks submitted during the Call For Proposals, as soon as they commit to their presence at the conference by buying a ticket. See all the details in the talk voting page (available after the submission deadline has expired).

Spreading the word

One of Python’s strengths has always been its community. If you know someone who may be interested in submitting their proposal to the next PyCon, please forward this Call for Proposals. If you intend to promote this PyCon event, you can do it through your social networks (#pyconit)


For any further question or inquiry, feel free to contact the organizers.