Combining Django ORM & FastAPI in a Data Visualization Tool

Thursday, May 23

15:25 - 15:55
Audience levelIntermediate
Elevator pitch

Wondering how to blend sync and async together in Python?

Join me on a journey where Django meets FastAPI. We’ll dive into the practicalities of integrating Django’s synchronous ORM with FastAPI’s asynchronous capabilities.


Django is the most extensive Python framework, which is also very opinionated and synchronous. In contrast, FastAPI emerges as a more recent, asynchronous framework.

As a developer and the maintainer of several services, one of which is a data visualization tool deployed in production across various companies, I have had the unique opportunity to use Django ORM with FastAPI. If you take a look through GitHub or other resources, you’ll notice there’s not much out there about combining Django and FastAPI — it’s a bit of an unconventional setup. The aim of my talk is to share insights from my experience with this setup, highlighting its practical implementation and the lessons learned along the way.

This talk is aimed at programmers from beginners to more experienced ones familiar with either of these frameworks. You’ll gain insights into combining asynchronous frameworks with synchronous ones, along with understanding the benefits and challenges of this approach.

TagsDjango, APIs, FastAPI

Mia Bajić

I’m a software engineer based in Prague, Czech Republic with seven years of experience in the IT industry. I currently work at Ataccama, where I contribute to the development of a business intelligence tool and I maintain several AI microservices.

I’m passionate about building tech communities and knowledge sharing. I’m the main organizer of Prague Python meetups & Prague Python Pizza and a co-organizer of EuroPython.