Enhancing AsyncIO for Complex Applications

Thursday, May 23

16:20 - 16:50
Audience levelIntermediate
Elevator pitch

Dealing with AsyncIO can get tricky, especially in bigger projects. In our talk, we’ll dive into making AsyncIO work smoother for you. Expect real tips on managing multiple connections, smarter task handling, and cracking those tough debugging problems.


We all love AsyncIO. Yet as our project’s complexity scales up, we might find ourselves struggling with debugging, managing a surge of connections, and the art of asynchronous task management. This talk is your roadmap to navigating these challenges.

We’ll start by tackling one of the most daunting aspects of AsyncIO: debugging. If you’ve ever felt like you’re chasing ghosts in your code, this is for you. We’ll introduce you to effective strategies and tools tailored for AsyncIO, transforming debugging into a manageable routine.

Next, we address scaling issues. When your application grows, so does the number of connections and tasks it must handle. I’ll guide you through optimizing your AsyncIO application to handle this growth efficiently, sharing practical advice to prevent common performance pitfalls.

Integration is another key area we’ll explore. How does AsyncIO fit with other Python libraries and frameworks you’re using? We’ll dive into examples that show how to make AsyncIO work in harmony with your entire Python stack, enhancing its functionality and your productivity.

As a desert, we’ll take a walk over real-world scenarios where these strategies have been successfully applied. These case studies will illustrate how the right approach to AsyncIO can significantly improve the performance and scalability of complex Python applications.

By the end of this talk, attendees will be equipped with a deeper understanding and new techniques to use the full potential of AsyncIO in large-scale projects.

TagsAsyncIO, Performance, Architecture, Debugging

Anton Caceres

I run a Python agency in Munich and organize some of the wildest Python meetups around – let’s call it community engagement on steroids. Even the Python Software Foundation has recognized me as a Fellow for stirring up the Python scene. Now, here I am again at Pycon Italia – quite the honor, and I’ll deliver my best!