Large Language Models for Devs: from zero to your first LLM application

Thursday, May 23

11:40 - 12:25
Audience levelBeginner
Elevator pitch

LLMs are an exciting and complex technology. Cut through the hype and learn how to build with them in this talk!

Join me for an exploration using Python open-source tools. The examples will cover using different models, prompting, vector databases, RAG, and more.


The rise of ChatGPT and Large Language Models has revolutionized the tech landscape, leaving developers overwhelmed by the infinite opportunities and intrigued by the technical challenges posed by their complex nature.

This session provides a developer-centric introduction to LLMs, focused on practical applications. No pre-existing knowledge of LLMs and NLP is required.

You will gain insights into:

  • using closed and open-source models
  • how to effectively prompt LLMs
  • vector databases
  • implementing Retrieval Augmented Generation applications (answer generation based on your data)
  • building more complex applications

Through a hands-on approach, I will show code examples using open-source tools: Haystack LLM framework, Hugging Face Transformers, Ollama and more.

TagsMachine-Learning, Open-Source, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

Stefano Fiorucci

💫 Structural Engineer turned Software Engineer with a passion for exploring the realms of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

🔍 Formerly at 01S for 5 years, I specialized in information extraction and retrieval from unstructured documents, making valuable information accessible to Italian citizens.

💙 Currently, I am proud to be part of deepset, contributing to Haystack, the open-source LLM Framework 🏗️. I enjoy engaging with a vibrant community of users and contributors.