Simplifying Python Code through the Lens of Functional Programming

Thursday, May 23

12:35 - 13:05
Audience levelIntermediate
Elevator pitch

Exploring functional languages taught me useful tricks to enhance Python code. The talk introduces essential concepts such as pure functions and immutable values, empowering developers to create more efficient and manageable Python code for large projects.


I have been writing Python programs for many years but had never been truly exposed to functional programming. I used to view functions as language constructs that facilitated the implementation of the “don’t repeat yourself” (DRY) principle. Iterators and generators are excellent; I knew they were somewhat related to functional programming and inspired by Haskell, but is this all functional programming is about?

Taking a step into Scala helped me realize the power of functional programming and influenced to incorporate more functional code into my Python projects. To my surprise, the Python code became more readable and easier to test and maintain.

This talk focuses on writing simpler Python code, aiming to share a set of techniques for assembling a functional toolkit. You will learn about pure functions, immutable values, and how they contribute to keeping the code simple, even in large projects.

TagsTest Driven Development (TDD), Best Practice, Functional Programming

Artem Kislovskiy

I am a software engineer who codes for fun and profit. Proudly affiliated with the EuroPython Society, I am committed to share my knowledge at conference and actively contibute to Python community events. As a Pythonista I love crafting elegant and maintainable software. Beyond coding, I find joy in long-distance running and the thrill of speeding down ski slopes.