Train-Prey-Deploy: the journey of a ML model from the cradle to the online

Thursday, May 23

14:45 - 16:50
Audience levelIntermediate
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    And what do we mean, in the end, when we talk about “solving a problem with ML”? We’ll begin with a problem, understand the significance of data, we’ll gently process them, design an ML model, fervently hope it works decently, and afterward, deploy it online for the benefit of humanity.


    While AI and ML are increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, many developers still struggle to bridge the training gap that could introduce them to a world of possibilities. For one reason or another, they may not have a clear understanding of ML concepts.

    The goal of this workshop is to open a window into the realm of Machine Learning, conveying the message that there is much more to it than the raw design of a model. From identifying a problem in a scenario to data collection, preprocessing, visualization, model selection, training, testing, and finally, deployment—each of these stages demands distinct and highly specialized expertise. And, let’s not kid ourselves, a touch of almost religious surrender (‘may it not overfit, may it not overfit!’).

    Through this workshop, we aim to provide developers with an opportunity to explore the vast world of Machine Learning, shedding light on every phase of the process and culminating with the deployment of our model. In addition to imparting technical skills, we will emphasize the importance of a flexible and collaborative mindset to effectively tackle ML challenges.

    Bonus Track: We’ll integrate our brand-new model with ChatGPT, creating a true conversational agent capable of solving problems simply through conversation. Better than your best friend.

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    Giuseppe Mastrandrea

    Giuseppe Mastrandrea is a computer scientist, a machine learning teacher, and a web developer. Nerd since way before it became mainstream, Giuseppe holds an MsC in Computer Engineering, and he is madly in love with everything relates to the Web (although he sometimes feels he is pining with unrequited love). Since 2011 he’s working as a front-end developer at Frankhood, and he is serving as a computer science teacher in public school since 2017. He’s currently teaching at the Technical School Panetti Pitagora in Bari. In 2020 he started collaborating with Datamasters, teaching several courses of Python programming, and Machine Learning.