A Tale from the Trenches

Friday, May 24

17:45 - 18:45
RoomsSpaghetti, Lasagna, Tagliatelle

Once upon a time, there was an on-premises, non-profit training provider called Umuzi. Umuzi focused on teaching high-value digital skills (including Python) to high-potential un/der-employed youth and was based in JeppesTown, South Africa. The premises were… cosy. I had recently been promoted to be Umuzi’s CTO when COVID hit. It was a rough time, we had a lot of learners who we had brought into Jeppestown from around the country for training and we needed to figure out how to get them all home and how to keep supporting their growth and learning. In the end we didn’t just survive COVID, we scaled up. Django helped.


Sheena O'Connell

I am currently the CTO of Umuzi, a non-profit training provider based in South Africa. I work on creating effective and efficient remote education systems for tech education. This includes a whole lot of things - Software engineering, process engineering, UX, management, and a whole lot more.

My personal mission is to level up people who teach code - I have a lot of niche skills in that domain, but most importantly, I think it is a very high-leverage way to help people.

Python is my love language.