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PyCon Italia is the official Italian event about Python, but nowadays, it’s one of Europe's most important pythonic events.

An unparalleled opportunity

Sponsoring PyCon Italia offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand to an audience of over 800 in-person enthusiasts and more than 1000 online participants. This is your moment to engage with a vibrant community at the forefront of Python innovation.

Why sponsor PyCon Italia?

Sponsoring PyCon Italia offers a unique opportunity to gain significant visibility and introduce your company to one of Europe's most vibrant and diverse Python communities. This is more than a sponsorship; it's a gateway to engaging with an audience that extends far beyond geographical boundaries.

  • Connect with Key Players: Engage directly with IT senior engineers and decision-makers who are shaping the future of technology.
  • Unlock Business Opportunities: Discover new leads and sales avenues for your products and services, tapping into a market eager for innovation.
  • Showcase Your Brand: Launch your Python startup into the spotlight, gaining immediate attention from a tech-savvy crowd.
  • Demonstrate Expertise: Share your insights with a captive audience through training talks or case studies, showcasing your company's mastery of specific technologies.
  • Gain Prestige: Earn recognition not just as a sponsor of this prestigious event, but as a supporter of Python itself, a language at the forefront of modern technology.
  • Foster Business Relationships: Network with other forward-thinking companies and potential business partners in a collaborative environment.
  • Recruit Top Talent: Connect with highly skilled professionals, presenting them with exciting career opportunities within your organization.
  • Support the Python Community: Play a pivotal role in the success of the conference and the ongoing activities of the Python Italia Association.
  • Amplify Your Recruitment Efforts: Feature your job listings on our dedicated Job Board, accessed by the best in the industry.

Tiers & Benefits

Each tier has been carefully structured to provide a wealth of opportunities for visibility, engagement, and interaction, ensuring that sponsors can find the perfect fit for their brand and business objectives. Explore the benefits and exclusive perks of each sponsorship level and choose one that aligns with your company’s vision for maximum impact at our event, or reach out to us to customise one to make it perfect.

Discover our tiers below, or dive deeper and discover the perfect fit for your brand in our detailed brochure!


There is just one of these exclusive packages up for grabs. Enjoy a spacious booth strategically positioned at the most visible position of the conference centre, securing your status as the most prominent sponsor. Opting for this package unquestionably demonstrates your unwavering dedication to the Python Italia community, and for that, you have a 1-hour keynote slot session included.

  • Price: € 10,000
  • Sponsored Keynote (1h)
  • Booth in the exhibit hall
  • 6 complimentary conference session passes, 10 conference session passes with a discount (30%)
  • Social Event named after sponsor, Logo on video titles, speaker desks, banners, website, and digital signage
  • Recruiting track participation, 3 job positions in the Job Board on the website
  • One recruiting email to attendees (opt-in)
  • Arranged newsletter content highlighting the sponsor
  • Questions in the conference feedback form
  • Participation in the gamification
  • Shared meeting room







Looking for a Tailored Sponsorship Package?

Our expertise extends to assisting sponsors in hosting luncheons, organizing parties, and integrating opportunity grant sponsorships and additional perks into existing packages.

Whether you're participating in person in Florence or supporting us remotely, we invite you to consider sponsoring PyCon Italia 2024.

Your support is invaluable, and we look forward to your presence.

Write your requests to sponsor@pycon.it

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We are happy to find out how PyCon Italia can help your company get the most out of our conference! We have several sponsorship tiers to suit any kind of company (from startup to enterprise), and we are more than happy to personalize all of our plans to fit your needs better.

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