Sit back, relax, and enjoy the talk: a journey through FlightRadar24 with Python

giovedì 23 maggio

11:40 - 12:10
Livello audienceBeginner
Elevator pitch

This is a funny and old-style talk, where we explore our skies with the help of FlightRadar24, probably the most famous web-based flight tracking platform. We use pure Python, notebooks and FlightRadarAPI SDK to scrape data and visualize aircrafts information (even in real time). Enjoy!


In recent years, has gained popularity among both airline professionals and aviation enthusiasts. FlightRadar24 is a flight tracking platform that can capture, read, and analyze signals from various data sources, including transponders, satellite data, and radar. This allows users to track flights in real-time on maps and save historical data. Recently, FlightRadar24 has also supplied data related to altitude, speed, and trajectories to authorities, aiding in the investigation of the causes and dynamics of accidents or aircraft failures.

For non-commercial use, you can scrape data directly from the website using Python. In this talk, we will use the unofficial FlightRadar24API SDK to explore real-time data from the skies above PyCon or track our favorite flights, aircrafts, or airlines. You’ll find that the data structures are relatively simple (mostly dictionaries and .json files) and navigating through the information is particularly easy and enjoyable.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy this journey over the skies with Python!

TagsAnalytics, Pandas, APIs, Jupyter/iPython Notebook, Data Structures

Fabio Lamanna

I am Fabio Lamanna, a freelance civil engineer working on transportation networks, urban mobility and data analysis.